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Leadership & Governance

Our trustees ensure that PACT complies with charity and company law. The Board of Trustees has two core functions and that is to set the strategic direction of the organisation and to ensure financial probity. As a multi-academy trust, the trustees are responsible for all the academies within the Trust. They do this by delegating functions to the Local Governing Body of each academy through a scheme of delegation. The level of delegation may be proportionate to the strength of the academy – an ‘earned autonomy’ model. 

Governance Structure

Local Governance Body Structure

Pioneer Academies Community Trust is ultimately accountable for the performance of each of its academies. The PACT Board operates the principle of earned autonomy as it believes that best results will be achieved when each academy’s Local Governing Body receives a level of responsibility and autonomy appropriate to its specific circumstances. Where an academy has demonstrated it is a strong, self-improving organisation, it will need minimal day to day supervision from the Board of Trustees and the Local Governing Body will be given the autonomy to run the school within agreed delegated powers. Where an academy is performing below an acceptable standard,  the Trust has the legal and moral  authority to intervene, in order to bring about improvements.

The core business of the Local Governing Body is to:

  • Review and monitor the Academy Improvement Plan
  • Monitor and review Standards of attainment and progress
  • Review and monitor the curriculum and educational provision
  • Ensure sound financial planning, budget monitoring and best value