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Marilyn Gittner

Andy Arnold

Michael Corney

David Donnelly

Sarah Creighton OBE


Marilyn Gittner

Marilyn has many years’ experience within the education sector as Headteacher, Local Authority Advisor and Ofsted inspector with a strength in school improvement

 Jayne Everett

Executive Principal; PACT Accounting Officer; LLE.  Jayne has over 15 years’ experience in school leadership as Head Teacher in two schools before taking up post as Executive Principal. Her strengths and interests are in special needs education and early years.

Karen Hartshorne BA(Hons)

Karen has worked in the education sector for a number of years holding a first class honours degree in Educational Management. She currently works for Tykes Teaching School Alliance as Programme Development Manager and is responsible for NQT induction amongst other things.

Phil Bagley

Phil has a background in Finance and Banking currently working as a bank manager for RBS, therefore brings a strength in finance

 Kevin Grum

Kevin is a retired Vice Principal at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy in Doncaster with expertise in school leadership

PACT Meetings Attendance 2016