Benefits of joining our Trust

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Benefits of joining our Trust

Working with us is about developing ‘custodianship’ and a legacy of great practice to hand on to others. We believe we can help build strong capacity for improvement from within and a culture that looks outward and never stops trying to be better.

Collaboration within a range of networks, and autonomy at a local level, are at the heart of what we offer so that individual academies and the family of academies grow through working with each other.

PACT believes that academies exist within a win-win landscape, benefit from and having ownership for their own success but also the success of their family of academies. They exist in a competitive context but grow capacity from within, engage with a range of networks close to them, and work with a range of partners to drive sustainable improvement.

PACT will bring an external perspective, providing practical advice, support and recommendations to help make a difference to the quality of education in all our academies in the MAT.  Building capacity for sustained improvement is achieved through a focus on the following areas:-

  • Driving up the quality and capacity of leadership
  • Ensuring quality and relevant curriculum provision
  • Focus on continuing professional development for staff
  • Accurate self-evaluation leading to identification of priority areas for improvement
  • Rigorous monitoring and data tracking systems
  • Rigorous appraisal systems

To strengthen the PACT leadership we have external educational consultants that work for PACT, who are experts in their particular areas.