Our Aims

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Our Aims

As a Trust we are committed to raising the attainment of all our pupils and improving their future life chances. Each of our academies has shared values and goals that provide a strong framework for the social, emotional, moral, spiritual and academic development of our pupils. These clearly established values, promote an orderly, purposeful and harmonious environment and a climate of tolerance, trust, respect and understanding pervades each of our academies.

We believe in a concept of ‘collaborative autonomy’ – academies across the trust working together with common aims under a common banner they all believe in but retaining a sense of autonomy and uniqueness. Collaborative autonomy ensures our academies have strong networks and a strong voice in their future development.

The curriculum in all our academies provides a personalised pathways and opportunities for all our pupils. Our highly professional staff are committed to an expectation of the highest levels of achievement from all of our pupils.


We aim to ensure that each academy in our Trust:

  • Offers an outstanding education through an exciting, innovative and personalised curriculum
  • Adds value to the attainment of its pupils
  • Continues to develop its own unique characteristics and ethos, maintaining its individual identity within the local community
  • Removes the barriers of low aspiration and achievement in all our academies and communities in which we work
  • Provides an ordered, purposeful and stimulating learning environment
  • Works in partnership with pupils, parents and the wider community to achieve success for all
  • Works closely with other PACT academies to create a sustainable model of education for all pupils
  • Is recognised nationally as an educational organisation of high quality, producing outstanding results within an inclusive culture